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Bioenergetics Testing

Bioenergetics is psychotherapy. It is based on the expressions and re-establishment of energy that flows in the body. Before giving treatment to any patient, one had to find out up to what extant the problem is? For determining this factor, some tests have to be conducted by the therapist. 

Bioenergetics stress testing

Here few testing techniques are given. All these methods are useful in determining the body imbalances and problems so that a patient can be treated accordingly by the doctor.


Meridian Stress Assessment testing measures the energy at those points that are probable areas of imbalance. This test is quite helpful in directing the practitioner as it gives information regarding patient’s mental health. 

ERT Vials

Ergopathic Resources testing uses Vials for testing. Vials contain pure water and alcohol. It acts as a non toxic preservative in the body. Vials gives valuable health related information. It can do muscle testing, electrodermal resistivity and heart-rate variability. All these techniques notice the basic energetic responses. 

Guardian Printer

This is a powerful guardian printer. It is able to create powerful homeopathic remedy from patient’s body. This printer has an amplified imprint of body’s total bioenergetics signature.  

Clinical Thermography test

It proves that after using a cell phone for 15 minutes, area near to our head heated up (area in green color).

Cell phones emit microwave radiations; these radiations can heat up the area of the head. This effect can cause headaches, fatigue, tissue swelling and tingling. This test is done to check effectiveness of the BIOPRO chips. The digital infrared imaging is performed with the flexi-Thermal Mark V telegraphic system. In this system, a thermal window is used at 10 degree celcius. The purpose of this test is to determine if there comes any change in infrared emissions. 

Testing method

Patient’s left finger tips are placed on the input plate and a carrier is placed on the output plate. The patient’s vibration signature is copied, after that, amplified and then transferred to the carrier. After keenly observing the impulse, a patient is treated accordingly. 

EAV testing

EAV is a metering device used for finding acupuncture points. Electro acupuncture according to voll enables a practitioner to locate the source of the vital force imbalance. 

Surrogate testing

Bioenergetics testing can be done using hair sample. A surrogate is tested while holding a hair. It is possible because DNA is present in the sample and holds all the information that is required to determine imbalances in the body.