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Bioenergetic Therapy

Bioenergetic therapy is a harmonizing therapy that involves relaxation techniques, psychotherapy and tender touch to relieve the muscle stress.

The bioenergetic psychotherapists believe that there is an association between the mind and the body. Body stores the negative emotional reactions and “records” them as muscle tension and stiffness, low energy levels and poor posture.

To return in the state of healthy body and peaceful and balanced mind, patients must discharge the muscle tension and physical imbalances. Therefore to improve the situation of the patient, bioenergetics excites the muscles and emotional health by screaming and shouting or overindulging the muscles with exercise to the point of stress.

Psychotherapists state that bioenergetics can proffer relief to the body from side effects of treatment of cancer and can even strengthen the mechanism of body to fight against disease. But there is no scientific evidence to sustain this claim.

Bioenergetics therapists “study” the muscular movements, breathing, tone of voice and emotions to determine physical or psychological problems of the patients. By balancing the energy and electrical disturbances within the body of the patient and removing the toxins, the body can restore to health by itself.

The bioenergetic therapy also involves the traditional Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, Biofeedback, Homeopathy and Acupuncture.

History behind Bioenergetics :

In 1950s psychiatrist Alexander Lowen, MD developed Bioenergetics. Dr. Lowen's therapy was based on the Reichian Therapy, according to which the suppress emotions of a person are transformed into muscle stress and rigidity. This was called as “Body armor” by Wilhelm Reich, MD. Dr. Lowen became a therapist after taking the training under Dr. Reich and later he completed the medical education at the University of Geneva in Switzerland . An Institute ofBioenergetic Analysis was created by Dr. Lowen in 1956.

Bioenergetic therapy in all of its forms depends upon the idea to utilize energy either from ones own body or from outside sources in healing purposes. This is the basis of all the energy based medicine that includes (but not limited) homeopathy, acupuncture and reiki.

The notion of bioenergetic therapy is purely focused on deep emotional pain that has been concealed but is unwittingly being expressed through ones own body movements, body posture and muscular pain in some areas. Bioenergetics exercises, breathing techniques etc; are utilized in dealing with such hidden emotions and bringing them “to the surface” to enhance the health and happiness the patient.

According to Alexander Lowen by reducing the simple effort of muscular tension of a person, the capacity of feeling and aliveness could be highly increased.