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Bioenergetic Therapists in Southeast USA

There are a number of bioenergetic therapists and trainers in sotherneast of United States . Following is the list to name a few:

Susan Cliett is the Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) in Alachua , Florida . Susan uses the exercises and techniques of bioenergetic therapy in her own style to facilitate and intensify the experience of selfhood with her patients. The process takes in life story of the patient with the intention of cognitively and energetically moving through the trapped points that create interference in living more lively and practically.

Ginger Boucher is a LMHC and Certified Bioenergetic Therapist (CBT). Dr. Ginger is a specialist in the treatment of depression and anxiety with adults, adolescents and children. She uses characterological restructuring to heal the heartbreak in early childhood. Dr. Ginger’s professional interests comprise heart issues and her primary focus is to fill the hearts with love. Dr. Ginger is performing her private practices in Gainesville , Florida .

Dr. Eric Diamond is a Ph.D holder in Gainesville , Florida . His professional concern include bioenergetic therapy and traditional character structure theory, psychodynamics and therapy for couples which is the combination image approaches and bioenergetics and individual and group therapy for issues related to men.

Ed Svasta , LCSW, is a former Director of the Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis in the city of New York and International Bioenergetic Trainer. Svasta has been a colleague of Alexander Lowen, (MD of bioenergetics) and since 1975 he has been a Bioenergetic Analyst. He has trained many therapists in psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Gestalt Therapy. Dr. Svasta practices and teaches bioenergetic Analysis with the techniques of Resistance psychoanalysis and Gestalt Therapy. Now Dr. Svasta works as a therapist and trainer in Alachua , Florida .

Amber Grady , B.S, LMT is a spiritual healer and tutor. She is a degree holder of Old Dominion University and has completed her legal studies from Adelphi University . Dr. Amber has completed her Four year program in healing science from Barbara Brennan School of Healing. She has completed her training in psychotherapy and massage therapy from Swedish Institute of Mandarin School of Chinese Medicine and Bioenergetic Analysis. Currently for private practice, she offers healing classes and sessions to individuals and groups in Jacksonville , Florida and even on internet.