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Bioenergetic Healing 

Healing is a process by which cells in the body are repaired and regenerated. Healing repairs the damaged area. It incorporates both the removal and replacement of the tissues.  

Bioenergetic healing works at the delicate body, so that healing takes place at the disease cause. A body runs by the energy. Whenever the energy cycle of the body gets disturbed, one needs a healing. In this system, bioenergy moves through the nervous system. All cells in the body have both chemical and physical properties, bioenergetic healing addresses the imbalances that appear in the body and treat them. This energy system is observed by the people of ancient ages too.

  • East Indians gives the name energy prana and the channels as nadis.
  • Chinese call energy as chi and channels as meridians.

There are seven energy centers in the human body. These energy centers are known as chakras. These chakras act as a source of communication between the physical and subtle bodies.

The aim of Bioenergetic healing is to maintain the aura in the body. As a general point of view, a clear unbroken aura with bright colors signifies a healthy aura whereas a grimy uneven aura signifies the disease. When aura gets healthy, it shows its presence in both the body as well as the mind. 

Spiritual Vs Bioenergetic healing 

It is assumed that spiritual and bioenergetic healing is same but it is not true. Spiritual healing is deeper than that of bioenergetic healing. Bioenergetic healing is concerned with ethics but not the spatiality. Spiritual healer says that the energy flows from soul and it happens due to the grace of God. One more thing that is made by spiritual healer is that it is like an inner commitment to higher sources. Life discipline is needed so that energy can flow from them. 

Bioenergetic gives emphasis to treat a patient through light, sound, air, message, yoga, acupuncture and other healing therapies like hydrotherapy and aromatherapy. There is no intake of drugs in the body.

There are healing schools too which gives education on healing process and therapies.

Bioenergetic medicines comprises of the following:-

  • Takionic healing
  • Magnetic healing
  • Sound healing
  • Radionics