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Alexander Lowen Bioenergetics

Dr. Alexander Lowen Dr. Alexander Lowen is the founder of Bioenergetic Analysis. Dr. Lowen was born in New York in 1910. Dr. Lowen had finished his graduation in science and business from City College of New York and then he received LLB degree from Brooklyn Law School . Dr. Lowen then started teaching law and also worked as an athletic director in summer camps.But during this time he was always curious about the connection between the mental and physical health.

Dr. Lowen often have done researches on progressive muscle relaxation and yoga but was not satisfied with the results.

In late 1940s, Lowen joined a course on character analysis offered to him by William Reich. The course helped Loren to explore the relation between chronic muscular tension and the neurotic behavior. The notions of Reich made a huge impact on Lowen especially the concept of how individuals handle their energy.

Dr. Lowen then started treatments with Dr. Reich in the middle of 1942. They both had experimented on many factors deep breathing, intensity of screaming. After getting training with Dr. Reich, Lowen became a bioenergetic therapist in 1945, later he completed his medical schooling at the University of Geneva in Switzerland in June, 1951 and created an Institute of Bioenergetic Analysis in 1956.

According to Dr. Alexander Lowen Bioenergetics is psychotherapy of understanding the behavior in terms of energy processes in a body of an individual. These processes include the production of energy through metabolism and respiration and release of energy in motion. These are the basic life processes. What is the energy level of an individual and how it is utilized is decided on the basis of how he responds to different situations of life. With high energy level one can efficiently cope up with tough situations by freely utilizing it into expression and movement.

Bioenergetics is a therapy that joins the cognitive work with the body and mind work and support the patient to get rid of emotional problems and realize the potential for happiness and delight in living. The elementary synthesis of bioenergetics is that the functioning of body and mind is identical and whatever goes on the mind is reflected through some movements in the body and vice-versa.

In bioenergetic therapy there comes a level when body and mind can manipulate each other. Whatever an individual thinks is reflected in how he feels. By moving in the deeper meaning, it is true that by bringing the body to the unconscious level, both the feeling and thinking powers can be conditioned by energy factors.

This therapy is related to the aliveness of the body. The more alive the body is, the more energy it has and vice-versa. According to Dr. Lowen it is essentially important to discharge the chronic tension and emotions to regain the pleasure and aliveness.

This is bioenergetics all about.